Axis instant electric hot water tap tankless

Rs. 4,500

Axis brings you European standard advance water heating tap that gives you continued flow of hot water in 10-15 seconds. No need to install additional tank or geyser, our system is in the tap itself. Can be fitted to any standard pipework and just need to be connected to a electric socket. Push lever down for cold water and push it up for hot water.

Product features:

Time saving - Instant heating in 10 seconds no need to wait.

Cost saving - as you only heat what you use.

Attractive design

Space saving : no need to install expensive geyser or additional tank. Easy to install

Convenient - You can enjoy normal tap water or hot water from same Tap Can be fitted in place of standard tap

Six months warranty

Technical specifications: Voltage : 220 volts

Watts : 3000 watts